How to Use the CyberINS Tool


INSCT’s cyber tool for identifying incidents of national significance (Cyber NSID) is a rule-based cyber reporting system that identifies events of national security significance. Cyber NSID assesses United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT) incident reports to generate both 1) a database of significant cyber activity; and 2) assessments of severe events.

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To View Incidents

View Incidents


  1. Select the appropriate data source from the Source drop-down menu. There are two datasets listed: US-CERT and US-CERT II. The most up-to-date information, reflecting the new DHS classification system, can be found in US-CERT II.
  2. Incidents can be sorted by Score, Gross Score, Date, or Keyword search.
  3. Users may jump to a specific page of incidents by selecting the desired page number from the Page drop-down menu.

Scoring Rules

Users can familiarize themselves with our scoring rules for determining a cyber-incident of national significance.



Users are visitors to this website. The following functions do not require a user login.


Editors are website adminstrators from the INSCT team who can log into the content management system.

For Administrators

Manually Add an Incident

This page includes a form to input a new incident. After filling out each field with the relevant incident information, the editor can click Save to submit his/her work.

Edit or Delete an incidentEdit or Delete an Incident

In the View Incidents page, after expanding the incident detailed information, the editor can see an “Edit & Delete” button. By clicking it, the editor can edit or delete this incident on the page, which is the same as the page in the preview section.

Import Incidents

In the current version, this tool supports two sources, US-CERT and US-CERT II. The editor can follow the steps below to import incidents.
1.    Select the source.
2.    Select a given overall-rating, or N/A.
3.    Copy the incident from excels or CSV files, and paste on the text box below.
4.    Click “Save.”
A message will appear in red text at the top of the page to confirm that the data has been imported and saved.

Add a New Rule

This page includes a form to input a new rule. Some of the fields provide hints. After filling the form, the editor can click “Save” to submit his/her work.

Edit or Delete a rule

In the “view rule” page, editor can see “Edit & Delete” buttons. By clicking them, it will redirect to the rule form, the same as what in the previous section.

Edit or Create new pages

The editor can create a new page to add to the site menu:

  1. By clicking the “Dashboard” on the top, go to dashboard.
  2. If the editor wants to edit a page, click “All Pages,” and select the desired page. Otherwise, click “Add New.” Select the “template” as “Full-width Page Template, No Side bar”, and click ”Update.”
  3. Go to “Appearance” > “Menus,” to insert the newly published page into the site menu.